I Am Sam Alphabet

I Am Sam Alphabet

A is for Annie – Annie was a very nice lady who pretty well raised Lucy as much as Sam did if it was not for Annie Lucy would have been taken away long before the age of seven.

B is for the Beetles – The Beetles is a big part of Lucy and her father’s life; its written in her name.

C is for California –  Lucy and her father lived in the same house in San Francisco, California for 7 years together.

D is for Diamond – Diamond is Lucy’s middle name that Sam gave her when she was born. It originated from a song by the beetles.

E is for Emotion – this movie shows a lot of emotion and causes a fair amount. You see a lot of people feel something for Sam as they know he doesn’t deserve any of it.

F is for Friends – Sam has a lot of friends because he is such a friendly person, it would be hard to dislike this man. Sam’s fiends help him a lot in this movie.

G is for Grief – This film is hard to watch do to all the things Sam has to go through to have his child because as a viewer you think that they should not have to go through this and that they can just live in peace.

H is for Help – Help is a word I used a lot on this page, probably because Sam relay’s on so many people, but this isn’t a bad thing Sam has chosen his friends wisely because he sees the good in people, even if people see the worst in them, he looks past that.

I is for IHOP – Sam and Lucy always go to IHOP, it’s kind of there thing but when Lucy wants to try something new Sam is not very happy.

J is for Judgement – Everybody seems to judge Sam do to his mental incapability’s, but they never seem to give him a chance.

K is for Knowledge – Believe it or not in many scenario’s Sam proves himself more intelligent than most, even though he has to fight to prove himself of these scenario’s.

L is for Lucy – Lucy is a very strong character who will grow through quite a lot of pain to be with her father.

M is for Mentality – Sam struggles from a mental disorder that we see affects his life in ways it should and should not.

N is for Newborn – Lucy, the newborn baby was a beautiful baby girl and Sam is luck to have her.

O is for Opportunity – Sam is lucky to have the opportunity to fight for his daughter, most of the time when their takin their gone but Lucy needs Sam.

P is for Program – Sam has an everyday program but when something disrupts this, Sam is not happy.

Q is for Questions – Sam is asked a lot of questions about himself but we always know why there asking this but he never fails so amaze people.

R is for Robert – Sam’s friend Robert is very protective over him and his friend, Robert is just over all, a very interesting character.

S is for Dr. Seuss – The book “green eggs and ham” that Sam reads to Lucy every night symbolizes the love, not only Sam has for Lucy, but that Lucy has for Sam.

T is for Mr. Turner – Mr. Turner, I believe, was sad to have to take this child from Sam but he believed, as do I, that Sam is incapable of taking care of Lucy, considering he is incapable of buying a coffee.

U is for Understanding – Watching this movie helps me realize just how handy it is to simply understand what is going on in your surroundings.

V is for Victory – Because Sam won Lucy back!

W is for Wealthy – Rita is a very wealthy girl, but her husband cheats and her child disrespects. Sam is poor, but he is full of life, love, and happiness.

X is for Xbox – this is the only word I knew/understood

Y is for Yell – Sam tends to yell when he gets confused or angry. This makes many people in the movie sad to see him struggling.

Z is for Zealous – Sam is very nice and respects others, and those around him were supporting/respecting him for it.