Romeo + Juliet Review

Personally, this movie is bad, it was not understandable and overall kinda brutal. Not only was the acting terrible, but you could not hear what they were saying; and I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty important. I could not relate to the character when they did their actions which made nothing make sense. the very sad story of Romeo and Juliet ended up being quite a joke as I laughed at how stupid they sounded with their guns in their pockets and their tongues in the 1300’s.

I did like the modern setting of the story, but they tried to hard to make it relevant to the real deal. it could have been modern English and probably really cool but nope.

i was not sad about romeos death because i didn’t see the love in witch i see in the play even though they used the same lines to express there love as the play. I also believe that if i did not watch the play i would not understand the movie at all, for instance, why did he go to the ball in the first place