The Village

While reading this message please keep in mind all this is based on strictly MY opinion. I don’t think this message is 100% right by any means, I do not wish to offend you in any way.

‘The Village’ was a sort of horror, mystery type film. It was not as scary as I would prefer. However it did have me questioning what on earth was happening while I was watching. If you liked the movie ‘Get Out’ you may enjoy this film as well because they are both low level horror movies, not to scary but fun to watch. Viewers that may gravitate towards this film may include people looking through the bad quality movies section of Netflix – but in all seriousness this film is not famous for a reason. It just wasn’t that interesting. If I were to rate this film, it would get a low rating do to how bored I found myself while watching. But one thing the director did right, or different, was that he didn’t just through blood all around in one big scare storm. The film was not to fear a chain saw, or a masked man, but to fear how evil human nature can be. If one was to walk away with any sort of message from this film I would say it would be the question- Is it better to run from your problems and live a perfect life of no sin, or to fight your problems and live in a world of sin? That was the message I found in this movie any way, I hope you find your own as well.

By Jaxson boot