Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief

This book is about a boy named Percy Jackson who is confused about who he is and constantly wishing he was normal. He did not know his father and he had trouble staying in one school for more than a year, not only that, but he had trouble reading do to his “A-D H-D”. But little does Percy know, he is the son of Poseidon, and his best friend is his guardian of sorts. Though this is all good news in its own way, Zeus, god of the sky, has accused  Percy of steeling his price possession, his lightning bolt. Percy has to go on a mission to save the world, before Zeus destroys it in his anger. With help from his friends Percy will find the bolt and return it to Zeus before the summer solstice were the time runs out. Join him on this journey as he fights of mythical creatures and discovers a new world full of magic and adventure.  


This book had me going crazy at all times, i was on edge when i wasn’t reading, wondering what could possibly happen next. Not going to lie, finishing this book mad me said that there was no more. Luckily there is the rest of the series and a hole other series after this book, cant wait.

In the sequel to this book, i’m guessing a new problem will show up and he will go on another adventure with his old friends and maybe meet a new friend this time as well. i hope Percy will come to be more familiar with his powers. and build a better relation ship with his father.